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Shawn Lucas, legendary trader and host of Trader on the Street, designed this program to help traders of all skill levels unlock their potential in the markets. Discover what it takes to achieve financial freedom through trading with daily courses, live trading events, strategy guides, and so much more! Sign up today and start making trading your main source of income.

The Average American’s Daily Income
$ 173
The Cost of Living Over the Last 30 Years
2 x
Americans Working Over 40 Hours a Week
76 %

Traders pass through many emotional phases: excitement, hope, disappointment, discouragement… It’s tough sometimes learning to master the craft! That’s why Shawn is bringing Wall Street to Your Street – to not only show you that you can do it, but how you can do it.

Weekly Live Sessions

By signing up to be a member, you're immediately in the running to be the guest trader and pocket the profits. Trade LIVE with Shawn Lucas and take control of the trading session, watching your success in real time.

Daily Live Classes

Follow along with an elite team of trading experts, learning and implementing their tried and true strategies. Enhance your trading journey with the help of world-class instructors.

Trader Challenges

Keep your trading skills fresh with a series of trading challenges designed to push the limits of your potential. Level up your trading experience and achieve mastery of the markets faster.

Innovative Strategies

Regardless of your experience with trading, you can learn and implement strategies you won't find anywhere else. The Wobble Technique, reversal breakouts, you can learn all these in your own time.

Supportive Community

What better way to develop as a trader than by having a group of like-minded people working toward the same goal? Connect with an international network of new and experienced traders and exchange ideas.

Live Events

We like to put faces to the names. So, we host many live events, some might be in your area, where we can meet and interact with our traders. Experience our trading rallies that might come to your city!

See What Our Traders Have To Say

Over 1,300 traders have experienced Trader on the Street. See how it’s changed the way they trade and manage their money.

Dave G. $964.50

Idaho firefighter extinguished volatility to make over $950.

Kirt H. $1,180.45

After a grinding trading session, Shawn and Kirt pulled away with big profits.

Christine P. $799.62

First-time traders are making Wall Street level profits in just one session with elite trader Shawn Lucas

Randy R. $1,113.05

With little to no trading experience, everyday people are discovering the secrets to passive income.

Trading Rallies

We could come to your city next for a live trading session covering the market opens.

Frank G. $1,085.16

Traveling from Texas to trade with Shawn, this trader pulled in over $1,000 in his session.

Thomas S. $1,046.75

This former aviator managed to pocket that much in one hour? Anyone can trade, so join and see how!

Giving Back

Shawn Lucas donated a check of over $2,000 in trading profits to the local DECA group.

Shawn Lucas

is here to help you develop your skills as a trader.

Kimla $1,397.15

Sign up today and you could be next in line to pocket real money.

The featured clients above were not compensated in any way for their testimonials and feedback and have paid for and utilized the education with their own money.

Live Trading

Get the chance to be the guest trader and trade with Shawn Lucas LIVE, pocketing all the profits generated in the session.

Daily Classes

Learn how an elite team of trading instructors can take you through the techniques they've used to consistently profit.

Trading Guides

Discover how to implement tried and true trading strategies into your own account with detailed guidebooks and strategy guides.

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