The Investor Profile is a personality assessment that was created to help investors learn to recognize their natural internal characteristics that both help and hinder financial success. Your motivation, confidence, commitment, self-esteem, reasoning, and emotions are just some of the inner qualities that influence your ability to make sound investment decisions.
The Investor Profile focuses on 4 personality types of traders: Aggressive, Intuitive, Analytical and Methodical. The amount of risk a trader is willing to take as well as the emotional involvement of the trader are used to determine the final personality type. They are briefly described below.


How much money do you put on? Do you go all in sometimes? Do you carefully calculate each and every position? Do you not trade sometimes to just watch and not risk anything?


How do you emotionally react to trading? Does a losing trade nag at you? Is it just information on a screen? Do you get in as soon as you see an opportunity or wait for multiple confirmations?
The personality assessment will associate you with a primary and secondary personality type. Shawn Lucas’ book, Investor Profile, dissects the nuances of the sixteen resulting subcategories between your primary and secondary personality types. Once you have taken the assessment and received your specific investor profile, you can read your designated chapters within the book, located in the “courses” section of apiaryfund.com, to be able to use your personality to your advantage when investing in the markets.
Can I take the test again? Of course!