Stocks and Option on the Street Krewe

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The “Stocks on the Street” Krewe focuses on how to identify stocks to trade. Some investors feel that stocks can be too complicated or expensive and begin to look at other types of investments. This Krewe will help members better understand the process of investing in stocks. We will look at how to trade a smaller account using the latest trading platforms as well as investing in fractional stock shares to trade more expensive stocks. Every investor should begin to build a portfolio of stocks, regardless of their age or account size.

KREWE CAPTAIN: Todd Granthem

Todd has been investing and trading both professionally and individually for more than 25 years. One of his passions is to help both new and established investors to become more confident and profitable in their trading. Todd has spent many years training thousands of people how to become more proficient in their own investing. His easy to understand way of explaining difficult concepts will help you become a better trader.


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