Get immersed into the wide world of trading

currencies with these introductory lessons.

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Take the first step in your learning path and discover what makes the markets tick.

Learn the ins and outs of currency trading from the first buy to the last sell.

Learn the Markets

This crash course in trading will tell you the ins and outs of trading. Go through these lessons at your own pace and carve your own path to making trading into a career.

Unmatched Training

The information you'll find inside this learning path you won't find anywhere else. It's been crafted by an elite team of traders dedicated to your success.

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Get the right launch to your trading career with this learning path. And get prepped for real trading. Plus, get the help you need from Shawn Lucas and the Trader on the Street team. 

Whether you're a novice or experienced trader, you'll find incredible value in what you're about to embark on. Learn what it takes to succeed in the markets. Get started today!

Lesson Plan

  • Trader on the Street Starter track

    This 4-week course will take you through the ins and outs of the markets. Learn how to craft a trading strategy, using the best tools and information possible.

  • From Robinhood to Alveo

    The right technology is crucial to the most successful trading career. Assemble the best technology stack and implement the best package that aligns with your overall goals.

  • Live Market Demonstrations

    What better way to learn than by watching a trading expert tackle the markets in real time? Experience the thrill of live trading and follow along, implementing elite strategies.

  • Trading and Income

    You can make trading into a steady stream of revenue. But, you need a guiding hand. Let this learning path allow you to discover the secret to turn trades into income.

  • Challenge Yourself

    Trading profitably is already a challenge. Take it to the next level with a unique set of trading challenges designed to test your mettle in live trading the markets.

  • Markets, Krewes, and Income

    There's a lot to digest with this program. Discover how to level up your trading experience with fellow traders and track your progress over time.

  • How to Design a Good Trade

    Strategies, probabilities, and technique. How do these make up a good market approach? Take it step by step and craft your ideal trading strategy, and execute on it.

  • Kickstart Your Trading Career

    This learning path will send you on the right path toward successful trading. Learn and implement all this information at your own pace, and start your career right.

  • Structured Learning

    This 4-week learning path is specifically designed to expedite your way to full-time trading. Enjoy flexibility in your education and focus on what's needed to succeed.

  • Connect with Traders

    You're not alone. Apart from an elite team of trading gurus at the helm, join forces with novice traders just like you, collaborating and exchanging ideas.