Signal closed at -0 Pips

Daily CounterTrend Sell EUR/JPY

TRIGGER: 133.20
TIME STOP: 5/31/21
SYMBOL: 132.40
TARGET: 132.40
ENTRY: 133.20
PRICE STOP: 133.60
RESULTS: -0 Pips
Signal Instructions

Selling the uptrending EURJPY pair, coming into heavy daily resistance with upward range extended. So, place your entries within the 133.20-133.50 price zone, place stops at 133.65-133.85 area.

Target for swing traders: 132:40 for an 80 pip target.

Target for long term traders: 131.30 for a 190 pip target. (I”m probably just going for the swing target but it's up to you)

As soon as it gets to 40-50 pips profit, move stop loss to break even.

UPDATE 5/25: Stopped out, which was moved to breakeven (whenever a signal moves in the positive direction in the amount of the stop loss, that stop is moved to the entry price to be a breakeven trade if it retraces.) THe only thing we lost on this trade was time.